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Top 4 Best Ramen Spots in Calgary

Ramen Noodle Bowl

Fuji Ramen and Sushi

Fuji Ramen and Sushi, located at 111-12100 Macleod Trail SE in Calgary, is a delightful destination for those craving authentic Japanese cuisine. This family-run establishment has garnered a reputation for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

At Fuji Ramen and Sushi, the menu is an extensive showcase of Japanese culinary delights, offering not just ramen but also a variety of sushi, bento boxes, and more. A standout dish is the Black Fuji Tonkotsu Ramen, which is particularly celebrated for its rich and creamy pork broth. This dish is artfully topped with marinated chashu, seasoned egg, garlic chips, and other traditional accompaniments.

The restaurant’s commitment to quality extends beyond its food. Patrons often praise the attentive and friendly service, which adds to the overall dining experience. The establishment’s decor and vibe contribute to a cozy dining environment, ideal for enjoying a meal with friends or family.

We’re extremely impressed with the personable customer service displayed by the owner, that takes the time to speak with each and every table. Our personal recommendation is the Curry Ramen, or the Chili Goma – both options are sure to please.


Wakado Ramen in Calgary offers a unique and inviting experience for ramen enthusiasts. Located at 907 10th Ave. S.W., this Japanese ramen shop is known for its authentic and delicious noodle dishes. The restaurant has garnered positive reviews for its quality food and service.

Customers have praised the variety and flavor of the broths, highlighting choices like the Tonkotsu Black, Tonkotsu Shio, and Tonkotsu Shoyu. The house-made noodles are a particular highlight, with their fresh texture and perfect consistency. Patrons also appreciate the excellent service and the family-friendly atmosphere, noting that the restaurant is accommodating for children.

This has been a longtime favorite for the What’s Good team, with their location close to our office. Wakado is a front-runner for the most flavorful broth in the city of Calgary.

Shiki Menya

Shiki Menya, a renowned Japanese ramen noodle house located in the heart of Calgary at 824 1 Avenue NE, offers a unique and inviting dining experience that stands out in the city’s culinary landscape. Established in 2014, this cozy and vibrant eatery has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

The restaurant’s ambiance is both hip and inviting, with a tasteful decor that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Despite its small size, Shiki Menya makes good use of the space, often resulting in a bustling environment with diners eagerly awaiting their turn to savor the flavors on offer. The open-kitchen concept adds to the charm, allowing guests to witness the careful preparation of their meals.

The menu at Shiki Menya is diverse, featuring a range of delicious dishes that go beyond the typical ramen offerings. Highlights include Char Siu Musubi, Wagyu Don, and House Made Gyoza. They are particularly known for their varied ramen selections, with different noodle thicknesses thoughtfully matched to each broth style. The restaurant’s focus on quality and flavor is evident in every dish, with options like Tonkotsu Nu Classic and Chili Goma Ramen being particularly popular among patrons.

While the restaurant is a must-visit for ramen lovers, it’s important to note that due to its popularity and limited seating, there are some unspoken dining etiquettes. Diners are encouraged to be mindful of others waiting for a table and to avoid visiting in large groups due to space constraints.

Shiki Menya is a Calgary ramen staple – if you haven’t been we highly recommend it.

Calan Beef Noodle

WE KNOW, Calan Beef Noodle is definitely not a ramen shop – we’re not implying that it is, but their beef soup definitely has a place in our heart – and we couldn’t help but include it in our list – because YOU need to go check it out.

Calan Beef Noodle in Calgary, known for being the first hand-pulled noodle restaurant in the city, offers a unique and authentic dining experience that stands out in the local food scene. Located at 2219 Centre Street N and another downtown location, this eatery has become a favorite for its traditional hand-pulled noodles served in rich and flavorful beef soup.

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of dishes, with the Hand-Pulled Noodle in Beef Soup and Hand-Pulled Noodle in Braised Beef Soup being particularly popular. They also offer Stir-fried Noodles with beef and vegetables, providing options for different tastes and preferences. The experience of watching the noodles being hand-pulled right in front of the customers adds a special touch to the meal, making it not just a dining experience but also a visual spectacle.

Calan Beef Noodle’s dedication to traditional cooking methods, combined with its cozy and efficient service, has made it a cherished spot in Calgary’s culinary landscape, especially for those looking for an authentic hand-pulled noodle experience.

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