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3 GREAT burger joints in Calgary!

burgers in calgary

1. Class Clown

This retro diner has a cool atmosphere hailing from the 70’s and 80’s with a great menu to top it off! Enjoy a variety of burgers such as the Winnipeg Fat Boy or the California classic and fill your stomach!

class clown calgary

2. Inglewood Drive-in

Enjoy a blast from the past burger in this classic-style diner. Banana splits, 100% real fruit milkshakes and their famous chili burgers are just some of the tasty items that’ll hit the spot!

inglewood drive-in calgary

3. Lil' Empire Burger

Enjoy a variety of empire burgers and chili dogs! With ethically raised meat, you’ll definitely be coming back for more. Vegan options included.

lil' empire calgary
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