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Top 3 Ramen Spots in Calgary for the Cold Season (pt2)

ramen in calgary

As Calgary faces colder days and the common cold makes its rounds, seeking comfort in a warm bowl of ramen might just be the remedy we need. 

Here are the best three places in the city for ramen or noodle soup (LOL) . They have special dishes and make you feel warm and cozy. These Calgary restaurants will not disappoint ūüė§

1. JINYA Ramen Bar

Location: 1800 4 St SW #180, Calgary

For those seeking a plant-based option without sacrificing flavor, JINYA Ramen Bar offers an exceptional choice. The Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen is a must-try, perfectly blending heat and creaminess to satisfy both vegans and non-vegans alike. JINYA’s dedication to rich flavors and quality ingredients makes it a top spot for ramen lovers.


2. Carino Japanese Italian Kitchen

Location: 2210 4 St SW, Calgary

Carino stands out with its unique fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines. Their ramen, available exclusively on the lunch menu, is a testament to the innovative blend of culinary traditions. Though the idea of Japanese Italian fusion might raise eyebrows, the ramen they serve proves it’s a combination worth exploring. A visit to Carino promises an experience that’s both unexpected and delightful.


3. Ramen Takka

Location: Located on 17th Ave, Calgary

Ramen Takka offers a different take on the traditional ramen experience with their Dipping Ramen. This dish invites diners to actively participate in their meal, dipping noodles into a rich, flavorful broth. It’s an engaging way to enjoy ramen, perfect for those looking to try something new while keeping warm in the chilly Calgary weather.


Each of these spots brings something unique to the table, from vegan options and culinary fusions to interactive dining experiences. As the cold weather persists, finding solace in a bowl of ramen might just be the perfect way to stay warm and healthy.

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