4 Cool Spots in Calgary to Check Out for Valentine’s Day

1. Modern Ocean

For those who love the sea food, Modern Ocean is the go-to spot. It’s not JUST a seafood restaurant; it’s an EXPERIENCE. 

For $119, couples can indulge in a four course meal. The ambiance offers a very calming and intimate setting, where fresh, sustainably sourced seafood is the star of the show. The service is impeccable, and the setting, an elegant nod to Calgary’s upscale dining scene.

2. Sweet Loretta

Sweet Loretta amps up the night with a “Lover’s Request Line.” It’s where amazing cocktails, delectable food, and an energetic atmosphere blend to create a perfect evening. The venue’s vibe is a contemporary take on classic disco, with rotating DJs and live music that promises to keep the night alive. It’s a place where love and music intertwine, creating memories that will last long after the night ends

3. Heritage Park

At Heritage Park, step into a scene filled with history. “Dining among the collection” in the Grand Hall of the Gasoline Alley Museum offers a backdrop of vintage vehicles and colorful memorabilia. 

For $65, it’s more than a dinner for two; it’s a journey back in time within a venue perfect for those who appreciate history and a touch of nostalgi a. The park sets a romantic stage with its vintage aesthetic, sure to captivate any history buff.

4. Canela Vegan Bakery Cafe

Lastly, Canela Vegan Bakery & Café provides an intimate setting for a Valentine’s Day High Tea. Priced at $75, this spot caters to those who desire a charming and quaint ambiance. High-quality teas, vegan treats, and the cozy atmosphere offer a serene retreat from the bustling city. It’s an intimate space, perfect for those who prefer a quiet nook to share whispers and sweets.