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The Run Club that Took Over the Entire City in a Matter of Days

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From Australia to Alberta

Sean and Trenton’s journey began in Australia, where they embraced life to its fullest and maintained a healthy lifestyle. However, when they returned to Alberta, they found themselves lacking purpose and motivation.


The Turning Point

Trenton, in particular, struggled to find the drive to go to the gym. To combat his lack of motivation, he decided to record a video of himself, committing to go to the gym the next day. This simple act had a snowball effect, leading to significant positive changes in his life. He found a job, started going to the gym regularly, and overall, improved his well-being.

Birth of 2mro

This experience sparked the idea for an accountability app called 2mro. To market 2mro, Sean and Trenton decided to create fitness content, aiming to inspire others to achieve their goals.

One of their strategies was to start a run club in Calgary, inspired by similar clubs in Australia. They launched a challenge, “Day X of running in Calgary until we have an army behind us,” which quickly gained traction. Each week, new members joined their run club, leading to its rapid growth.

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Tremendous Success

Today, Sean and Trenton’s run club is one of the biggest in Calgary. They have found tremendous success and hope to continue growing the club, helping people reach their fitness goals along the way. Their journey is a testament to the power of accountability and community in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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