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The Heart of a Fighter: The Rise of Angelo Habib.

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In the heart of Calgary’s northeast (NE), Angelo Habib, a 27-year-old Greek-born Canadian. He is not just a professional boxer but a beacon of hope and transformation within the community.

Through his venture, Olympus Boxing Gym, Angelo has carved a niche for himself and his trainees. The gym promotes not only physical fitness but also mental robustness and discipline.

His journey from a novice inspired by his older brother to a professional boxer.

Angelo's Entry into Boxing

Boxing was more than a sport for Angelo; it was a sibling bond that grew into his life’s passion. Following his brother’s footsteps, he ventured into boxing. 

They turned their family’s garage into a training ground for friends and enthusiasts. This humble beginning was the seed that sprouted Olympus Boxing Gym, which officially opened its doors in 2016.

The transition from amateur to professional came in 2020. He made a victorious debut in Calgary.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic put a temporary halt to his rising career. This lead him to a 1.5-year hiatus. Undeterred, Angelo found refuge and continued training in Mexico. This where restrictions were more lenient, allowing him to hone his skills further.

Angelo’s love for boxing transcends the physical aspects of the sport. To him, each match is like starring in a personal blockbuster movie where he’s the hero facing down villains, the epitome of living a dream fueled by adrenaline, discipline, and the sheer thrill of competition

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Olympus Boxing Gym's Impact

Located in a community with many troubled youths, Olympus Boxing Gym serves as more than just a training facility.

It’s a sanctuary where young individuals find guidance, support, and role models. The gym’s atmosphere embodies the ethos of never giving up, illustrating through sport that every knockdown is an opportunity to stand up stronger.

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A New Chapter

As Calgary slowly returns to normalcy post-pandemic. Angelo is at the forefront of reviving professional boxing in the city.

On April 27th, Olympus Boxing Gym will host its first professional event in a while, spotlighting local talents and reinvigorating the boxing scene. This event isn’t just a showcase of skill and talent but a celebration of resilience — a fitting return to form for both Angelo and the boxing community

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Angelo Habib’s story is a powerful reminder of how following one’s passion can lead to substantial positive impacts on both a personal and community level. Olympus Boxing Gym, under Angelo’s leadership, has become a cornerstone of the northeast Calgary community, fostering not just fighters, but champions in life. As Angelo prepares to bring professional boxing back to Calgary, he continues to inspire and uplift those around him, proving every day that with enough fight in you, any challenge can be overcome.

In every sense, Angelo Habib and his Olympus Boxing Gym are not just surviving, but thriving, punching well above their weight, ready to take on the world—one round at a time.

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