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People of Calgary: Ryan’s Bike Park

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In Calgary, a story of remarkable transformation and resilience unfolds. Ryan made a bold leap into entrepreneurship, driven by his passion for BMX biking. This decision led him to open one of North America’s largest Bike parks, a venture that brought both joy and unexpected challenges.

The Leap of Faith

Leaving the security of his old job, Ryan embarked on a new journey. His transition from a stable career to the unpredictable world of business was fueled by a deep love for BMX biking and a desire to create a community space for enthusiasts and novices alike. The bike park has now been running for the last 6 years.


Facing the Challenges

The initial excitement of opening the bike park soon met with the harsh realities of business operations. The park’s operational costs spiraled from $45,000 to $72,000 a month, reflecting the financial burden and pressure Ryan faced to keep his dream alive.

Despite financial strains, Ryan’s commitment to the bike park never waned. His passion for teaching and watching kids achieve their first BMX milestones highlighted the park’s role as a community hub, not just a business venture.


A Pivot Towards Sustainability

To address the sustainability challenge, Ryan is exploring the transition of the bike park into a Not-For-Profit (NFP). This shift aims to leverage tax breaks, grants, and fundraising opportunities that are not available to for-profit entities, offering a glimmer of hope for the park’s future. 

The bike park has become an integral part of Calgary’s community, fostering joy, excitement, and a sense of achievement. However, with a looming closure deadline of April 30th, Ryan is urgently seeking support from sponsors, investors, and anyone willing to help save this vital community asset

Ryan’s journey is a testament to the courage required to pursue one’s dreams, the resilience needed to face challenges, and the positive impact one individual can have on a community. As Ryan looks to the future, he invites the community to join him in ensuring the BMX park remains a beacon of inspiration and enjoyment for many more years to come

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