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People are getting CRUSHED at the Cowboys tent

cowboys tent

Excitment to Concern

A concertgoer recently shared a troubling experience online from the Tate McRae show at the Cowboys tent on Friday night. Initially, the event seemed to be going well until the venue became increasingly crowded as the show drew closer. Attendees found themselves packed tightly, with little room to move.

Crowd Rush

As the show progressed, the situation became more intense, with the venue becoming even more crowded. The attendees accepted the crowded conditions as typical of a popular concert. However, the situation escalated after the concert ended, with a significant crowd crush occurring near the portable toilets. The crowd’s frustration led to pushing and pulling, creating an uncomfortable and dangerous environment. One attendee reported being upskirted by another person.


Concerns were raised about the lack of security and clear exits, as there were no visible signs guiding people to safety. The experience left the user feeling unsafe, with fears about the potential consequences of a fire or other emergencies in such a densely packed area.

Despite the issues with the crowd, Tate McRae’s performance was well-liked. However, the overall experience has left some attendees wary of future Cowboys events.


A new sign has been seen after the incident. Cowboys is now taking a more proactive stance when dealing with overcrowding.

cowboys sign
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