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Facebook and Instagram Crashed Today!

Instagram down today

Today, users experienced downtime with Facebook and Instagram starting around 3:30 pm GMT. This coincided with similar issues on Google services, suggesting a broader tech infrastructure problem.

What Happened?

Meta’s business status page showed disruptions for various services, impacting login capabilities for third-party services through Facebook. The status for Instagram and other Meta services was listed as “unknown.”

The services were restored several hours after the outage began. Facebook spokesperson announced on Twitter that a fix was being implemented.

After the earlier disruption, Facebook and Instagram services have been fully restored. Users can now log in and access their feeds as usual. The platforms are operational again, with Meta resolving the issues that caused the outage.

For ongoing updates and details regarding the outage and resolution, please refer to The Guardian’s website for their comprehensive report.

X marks the spot

Elon Musk showcased his wit amidst the outage, humorously noting on X that the very ability to read his post was proof of their servers’ reliability. The official X account added to the jest with a coy remark about the sudden influx of visitors, subtly acknowledging the reason behind their migration. Musk’s engagement didn’t stop there; he playfully retorted to statements with a meme, cleverly weaving humor into the dialogue and lightening the atmosphere during the service disruptions.

elon musk meta outage

Amid speculations on social media about a cyberattack causing the service disruptions, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) addressed the concerns, stating their awareness of the global incident. However, they clarified there was no evidence pointing to malicious cyber activities or any connection to election-related concerns as factors behind the outage.

facebook and instagram server down
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