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Comedians Coming to Calgary in 2024

Tom segura, Russell Peter, Matt Rife, Iliza Shlesinger, Sebastian Maniscalco

As we turn the pages of our calendars to the promising year of 2024, Calgary is setting the stage for standup comedy. From up-and-comers to seasoned veterans, the lineup is bustling with names that promise to deliver some BIG laughs.

Matt Rife

First up, Matt Rife, a fresh face who has been making waves with his youthful energy and sharp wit, will be gracing the stage at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. His comedy, often centered around his own experiences growing up and navigating the modern world, connects with a wide range of audiences. Rife’s performance is slated for March 17th, setting the tone for the year with his high-spirited humor.

Tom Segura

Later in the year, as the summer heat sets in, the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival will play host to Tom Segura on August 24th. Segura is known for his laid-back style and deadpan delivery, which compliments the sharpness of his observations. His storytelling prowess ensures that his shows are more than just a set; they’re an experience.

Bobby Lee

Sharing the festival stage on the same day as Segura, Bobby Lee will bring his unique brand of comedy to the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival on August 24th. Known for his unpredictable antics and fearless approach to sensitive topics, Lee’s performances are both edgy and heartwarming, reflecting his years of experience in stand-up and on-screen.

Iliza Shlesinger

The following day, August 25th, at the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival, Iliza Shlesinger will take the spotlight. Shlesinger, with her dynamic presence and insightful humor, delves into issues of culture, gender dynamics, and social absurdities. She’s a comedian who not only makes you laugh but also makes you think, earning her the title of a true ‘voice of her generation.’

Russell Peters

Also on August 25th, the renowned Russell Peters steps onto the same festival stage. Peters is a global comedy sensation, known for his ability to transcend cultural barriers with his keen observational comedy. He’s a trailblazer for comedians worldwide, and his performances are a masterclass in the craft of comedy.

Sebastian Maniscalco

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, Sebastian Maniscalco will be captivating audiences at the Scotiabank Saddledome on October 20th. Maniscalco’s comedy is characterized by his lively storytelling and expressive mannerisms, as he tackles everyday absurdities with an animated flair that has made him one of the most respected names in comed

Fun Facts

Who are the top 3 biggest comedians?

1. Dave Chapelle 

2. Chris Rock

3. Richard Pryor

Where did Stand-Up originate?

It originated in United States

Prince used Dave Chapelle’s skit from the Chapelle Show as his single cover art

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