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Cold Weather Has Finally Arrived in Calgary

Calgary Winters

As we step into the next week, a significant drop in temperature is heading our way, sending us as Calgarians – back to reality. Here’s what to expect over the weekend and next week:

Friday, January 5: The week starts with early snow showers, followed by broken clouds. Daytime temperatures will reach about 2°C, dropping to around -6°C at night.

Saturday, January 6: Expect late light snow and overcast skies. Temperatures will be similar to Friday.

Sunday, January 7: The cold intensifies with light snow and cloudy conditions. The high for the day will be around -8°C, with a frigid night at about -20°C.

Monday, January 8 onwards: The following days will continue this cold trend, with some days experiencing temperatures in the low negatives, and even dipping below -18°C. Snow and overcast conditions will persist.

For Calgarians, this means it’s crucial to prepare for the cold. Make sure home heating systems are in good working order, dress in warm layers for outdoor activities, and exercise caution while driving as roads may be slippery.

Sadly, It Gets Worse...

Tuesday, January 9: Snow is expected, with an overcast sky. The high will be around -8°C, and the low will be near -14°C.

Wednesday, January 10: More snow and overcast conditions are forecasted. The temperature will be extremely cold, with a high of -14°C and a low plummeting to about -21°C.

Thursday, January 11: The cold continues with more snow and overcast skies. Expect a high of around -20°C and a low of -27°C.

Friday, January 12: Light snow and cloudy conditions are expected. Temperatures will be slightly warmer, with a high of -18°C and a low of -28°C.

Saturday, January 13: The weather will see some improvement with scattered clouds. The high will be around -17°C, and the low will be near -25°C.

Sunday, January 14: Light snow and overcast skies return. The high will be about -13°C, and the low will be around -22°C.

Remember, it’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Let’s all look out for each other and make it through this chilly week with warmth and compassion. 

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