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Blue Ring Appreciation Day

Calgary's Blue Ring

Calgary unveils a new tradition with the first Blue Ring Appreciation Day, initiating a broader campaign to celebrate the city’s public art, starting with the controversial “Travelling Light.”

About the Blue Ring

Situated on the 96th Avenue bridge, the $470,000 sculpture (as reported by cbc.ca) has been criticized for its perceived lack of creativity and function. Despite this, its creators envisioned it as a landmark, sparking debate about public art’s role.

Purpose of the Day

This day aims to encourage Calgarians to engage with and appreciate the city’s art installations, using the blue ring to foster dialogue about public art’s impact on urban culture.

The initiative seeks to prompt discussions on the value of public art, hoping to shift perceptions and deepen understanding through reflection and conversation.


In a twist, it’s revealed that Blue Ring Appreciation Day is an April Fool’s prank, intended to spark discussion rather than celebrate an actual event…. LOL 

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