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Animal Rights Activists Slam Calgary Stampede: Cruelty!

Calgary stampede protest

With the Calgary Stampede just around the corner, the Vancouver Humane Society has initiated a vigorous campaign appealing to the Calgary community to steer clear of both rodeo and chuckwagon events. Labeling them “cruel and outdated,” the organization challenges the traditional view that these are merely forms of entertainment.

Controversy Over Animal Entertainment

The Stampede, a long-standing tradition, has always been viewed as a cornerstone of Calgary’s cultural scene. However, the clash between tradition and animal rights has never been more pronounced. Critics argue that the welfare of the animals involved is often overlooked, citing incidents and injuries that underscore the potential cruelty of these events.

Experts in animal welfare highlight the stress and danger imposed on the animals, suggesting that the entertainment value is overshadowed by the ethical concerns. The call from activists is clear – prioritize compassion over tradition.

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